26 Feb 2012

fun at home

BDSM Equipment is expensive. In most of Europe You can rent for a day or a weekend, a dungeon or a cottage fully equipped. Others are lucky enough to have a playroom in their house. At times it is hard to live your dream within a household with children.  In Second Life many of us try to live their dream in secrecy and have to be creative to either give orders that are possible within a Vanilla household.
But there is a lot of fun playing with household items.

So what can we use, without attracting too much attention. After my reading in voice of the story: “Cold as Ice”, we had a talk of items we can use. I placed already a manual on how to make an ice dildo/ice cock on this site and a way to do self-bondage.  But here is a reflection of the talk we had. I want to thank all for their open and fun contributions. I might have forgotten a few items mentioned, but here is a recollection of some. I would love any comment, idea or criticism!

Most of all, with every thing you try, do your research! Know what are you doing and be careful, BDSM can be about pain, but it is not to hurt you. Do invest some time in researching 

Wooden spoon
To be ordered to hit oneself with a wooden spoon on your genitals or butt is for those who like pain quite lovely.

Clothes pegs
Aren’t they simply adorable? You can almost place them anywhere and leave them for a while. Be careful though not take the bloodstream away for to long. But even though I always dread the moment I have to take them off, it is that beautiful stinging pain I simply adore. You can also easily make a string of clothes pegs.

Rope for bondage
Various ropes can be used, but I advise to use natural materials. Some like more soft ones and some prefer hard, crude rope. (And being alone in the home, do not tie yourself up in a way you cannot make it loose!)

It can be used creatively on various parts of the body. A teaser after shaving for example

Chinese meditating chiming balls
Exceellent to work the mucles of the vagina and at the same time being “massaged by the movement of the balls.

And they do come with handles in different sizes, shapes and material. Very lovely to use like a dildo.

wonderful for male genital torture (please be carefull there too)

Magic wands (Hitachi)
For massage only..... ofcourse

Ice dildo
Very easy to make and easy to make it disappear.

The good old veggies: Carrots, Cucumber

Figging (making and using a gingerfinger) I will make a full post on that one.

Sports items as:
Horse whips
Pingpong bats (also various ones can be used!)
You can use (tennis, hockey, etc) balls to masturbate with or ordered too.
Although some mentioned it might be handy if anyone in the house actually do these sports ;-)

Electric toothbrush
Well it is like a miniature vibrator and can used close to the clit….. so good.

Hot cream
That cream that relaxes and warms the muscles…..do heat up so nicely....

For electric play and it is safe but do your homework

Find the good ones!

A lighter
For fire play, just to scare and not to burn please

The sting a the nettles are harmless and will die away.

Well I think my list could be much, much longer but who knows how far we get.
A lot more can be used… I bet.



RB said...

RB waits *impatiently* for the figging post ;)

Elder said...

you are wicket, I love to use daily products for BDSM purposes. Also because start looking at every day items from a different perspective.

I will give you some more:
Marbles (Geisha balls)
Tabasco bottle (both the content and the bottle offer ample uses)
Tooth paste (Now that you have an electrical tooth brush to use as vibe, cool your clit with the paste)
Paper clamps, hair clamps, hair clips pegs and so on (Guaranteed to get your sub in sub space sooner or later)
Rubber spatula, plastic spatula (Good as paddle and for pussy play)
Wooden hair brush (Use both sides)
Electrical fly swat (Cost almost nothing, make sure to get the old type with the metal stripes. Works well on nipples)
Piezo gas lighter with the metal shield removed (Use it on your clit if you dare)
Chop sticks and elastic bands (they do wonders on labia and tits)
Elastic bands by them self (good for nipples, but keep a firm eye in the blood flow)
Super glue (not for everyone and be careful but can be used to keep your labia spread)
The handle of a hammer by it self, you can buy them loose (use it as dildo and for spanking, but be careful)
Carbon fibre arrows from bow and arrows, but them in a sport shop for a few euros (very good cane and for breast play in combination with ropes or elastic bands)

Veel plezier

Oh and last but not least: The cheapest tools: use your hands to roam on your sub. Every square mm of her body is there to be explored.

ara said...

Dear Elder,

I really appreicate the additions you provide. Those are good ones and thank you. I will add them to my list and will start to put some order in it.

But what fun to work on this list.