27 Mar 2012

the 5 senses

Sensual Senses

Our every day life is filled with the 5 senses: hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste. It is a part of us and we can do things to disable the use. At least sight, touch, smell and hearing are easily disabled. Taste is harder to do. When I started out on this topic with a talk/discussion in JDs it made me realise that especially online we need our imaginations as well. But is it only imagination? Are the senses feeding our imagination?

So comparing to a Real Life (RL) experiences Second Life (SL) may look shallow. Nevertheless all those playing, communicating in SL share common interests and anyone who starts exploring their hidden sexual desires can start with at least a taster here. You do not actually have to go and look for it in your RL. We can experience some of I think genuine true BDSM in SL. It is not all fantasy we really experience control. And all that control goes deep into any individual.
So for me personally there is no division between SL and RL. The feelings I feel are genuine, the experiences I deal with are genuine. And I honestly belief that most of the people I meet are warm, loving and good people, with all the good and bad, and with all the likes and dislikes in them. Except for the few players who like to cheat and deceive. SL for me is a reflection of RL.

So how shallow is SL if we look on what and how do we experience our senses in SL?


Sight seems to be one of the major and most attractive parts of SL. As soon as we open the screen we enter a world of imagination of ‘beauty’ and we can walk, talk, fight and fuck. We entered and constructed an avatar as an ideal impersonation of ourselves. It reflects our ideas of fashion of sexy and how the overall image of the body moves. The outcome of all of this is a puppet on strings that moves in any way we want to make it move. And this reflection we watch, while we sit behind the screen. The avatar has become our means of exercise and our means to feel love, to make love and to dance or whatever we feel like. We like to look at these pixel animations, but it isn’t enough by itself.
We play with Ken and Barbie. Ken and Barbie have sex, one of them is tied up.


We see a collar and a leash. We are bound in a virtual world with our other self. But not only in the other world, most of us are fully bound with all the feelings that come with it. We look at bad animations and even get pleasure out of those. But we can also find places where we can look at actual porn.


We start of to dancing to music, or offering music via systems in SL and while dancing romantically we talk in chat to our partners. Again the sight of the Ken and Barbie dancing fuels our brain and the music sends us the romantic setting. First voice wasn’t enabled so what we heard was set up mostly by music or little soundtracks. In porn related sims we could also hear moaning. In BDSM sims we could actually hear the sounds of the lashing of a whip. It was more and more adding up to the experience of SL, but all still mainly on a distance. Voice was introduced and it opens a new way of communicating. We can hear someone’s voice and experience it as sensual, erotic, sexy. A deep dark voice, a gentle voice or like young girls voice. We can hear if ordered by a Dominant a submissive having an orgasm. So there suddenly RL comes in strong. The two worlds meet. But do they actually meet? It always reminds me of Altman’s movie ‘Short Cuts’.

On the other hand we can go in SL to a movie theatre and watch both SL and RL porn. Which can be quite fun to do with the other significant SL half. The keyhole as a place I know of in SL.


Do we touch? In a sense we do. I always think the typing is touching. But at times playing a scene in SL is like giving that message to my fingers to my brain. The keyboard, the tips of my fingers becoming like sensual tools. As if by touching those I touch the other. I have to act on what I do, or what I am ordered to do. I have to write out the sentences. But I can be ordered to touch myself, inflict pain. Although here I prefer the sound as well. I do like to hear my Masters voice when I do touch. But he prefers to see me when I do. To make sure I am all right when I for example inflict pain. He needs to know if I am all right and the most important thing it is for his pleasure. When we are finished the cruncher comes. I miss his arms to cuddle, a warm body to lean against. That is the time I actually miss him the most, even when he is there with me. The actual touch, the warmth, the love and that total intimacy of body and mind mixing can be done virtually but is missing.

Smell and taste.

Sure when I get aroused I smell myself, I can dip my finger in my vagina and taste myself. It will enhance my virtual experience. I can do it in skype or in any other means and my Master can order me doing it. Great feeling. I can type it out play it and have that full feeling in my body. It is in a sense part of SL.


We do use the 5 senses in SL. Even though sight is the most important part the 5 senses are mainly mixed with our brain. And it always reminds me of the Pavlov experience with the dog. He sees the food and he makes extra saliva as his mouth reacts to what he sees. His brain gives the message and impulse to his mouth to eat. I look in Second life, I read, I feel and my brain sends the message to my body and makes me ready. My labia swell, moist is made and I get horny as hell. With all its shortcomings,  SL is quite the aphrodisiac. And it makes us keeping coming back for more. That and all the emotional additions we type we get addicted. In the end there is no separation between SL and RL. As we feel, we use our senses and all the emotions come with it. And we all know how deeply in love we can be and how it hurts when we a couple split. That is not an addiction. It is deep felt human emotions. We can play. But be careful! We can be hurt deeply. Fortunately it is never the end. Perhaps just the start of the next wonderful experience, which might be better as we get to know ourselves better we do learn always and every time.

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