30 Mar 2012

The story of Rouge

In a little café in the centre of Paris, Rouge was sitting a glass of wine in her hand. It was her day off, but she felt lonely and empty. It was about 5 in the afternoon. There were only the owner and a man sitting next to her. He was in a black well cut suit, dark hair and bushy eyebrows. Most of the time he was talking to the owner about his country house in Normandy. The owner would glance at her cleavage, wink and smile. And she noticed she got his attention, but she wasn’t interested in him. The man next to her smelled of money, a lot of money.

Her self-esteem had hit rock bottom. Rouge made her lips as red as possible, as if to cheer herself up with the bright colour. Her makeup impeccable and her little dress showing off as much as she could get away with. The man next to her was big and clearly in his forties. Rouge tried to seduce Him with her usual little games as bending to far forward in his direction or lifting up her butt of her stool when her dress had crept up. But he, to her amazement, ignored her. She felt awful and deeply down, but also impressed by his austerity. She just stayed there and stopped her sensual teasing. Suddenly he turned to her after the owner walked away to a new customer at a table.

‘You girl, remind me of Maria Magdalena, you have love, beauty and I think underneath all that rubbish you are wearing is a sweet girl. That is the one I want to get to know. So why are you so miserable?’

She gave him a crooked smile and she didn’t understand why she was so hurt, but she was. 

‘I am not miserable!’

Her voice sounded like the hissing of a cat. Her face blushing and angry, but feeling ashamed and vulnerable she was hiding behind agression. His blue eyes found hers and he looked at her. His eyes were gentle and at the same time stern. She was impressed and to her amazement he ordered her.

‘Go home, take off most of your makeup and change dress and meet me in Chez Chartier in Rue de Faubourg at 8 o’clock sharp. I will buy you diner.’

She didn't answer paid the bill, angry. The nerve of that man, how could he treat her like that! Ordering her what to wear and how she had to look like. Her high heels stamping on the pavement. Suddenly she wasn't aware of how she walked. She looked over her shoulder and there he was standing in the entrance of the cafe.  There wasn't a smile on his face. He looked calmly and that made her even more furious.

(the story of Rouge is part of The Three Graces, you find in the pages above gradually growing into ... welll who knows what?)

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