8 Mar 2012

the three graces (part 4)

Claudette’s hair is pinned up loosely, revealing her neck and the lovely earrings she is wearing. In her mind she travels back to the days she was in the dungeon. How she would long for her Master and that when he actually made a visit it never seemed enough; her eyes begging him to stay. But he simply would give her some reassuring words and left.  She had to stay for a month and with no clock or calendar in the Chateau she lost track, as all days would be in the same kind of rhythm.

Her Master had brought her into the Château. He had given her no clue, but only had said it was for useful training in submission. Only afterwards she had understood that the Chateau was based on the ‘story of O’ She had no idea, but obediently had followed her Master wishes. Claudette is a charming lady, warm and attentive. She is talkative and fun. But here she was suddenly placed into a rigid silence. She simply couldn’t. She was in the confines of the Chateau rebellious. But her rebellion didn’t show. She found the Chateau old fashioned and old school BDSM. But her Master was so much older than she was. He liked the rigid regime and wanted her to enjoy it as well. He was a very strict Master and suffocated her in rules, regulations, discipline and punishment. He still is. She knows that by doing what she is doing now she is breaking one of his rules; no girl on girl.  It was suddenly as if all the rebellion she had felt was coming out of her inner core. Today all the mischief and fun within her, all that gayety she possesses, all the curiosity are coming out at once. As if she wants to brush away the memory of the Chateau and see the fun of it all. She had never ever rebelled to her Master before. But these two women, their beauty, their fun, the liberties they had taken here in the Chateau had amused her and it was as if she broke out of the thick layer of concrete around her. Her submission hadn’t given her freedom; it had given her a prison she felt unhappy in.

But this trick she had learned from Him. She loved it herself. She had once given this as a strong limit and he had always respected it. She would never taste another woman, but to her surprise today she wants to. She wants to give that lovely girl an ultimate experience.

Taken out of her sombre thoughts by the loud roar she just heard, she whispers in the girls ear: ‘Felice, you hold on to these strings now, lay quietly and do not pull the pegs of by moving. I will tell you when.’
Her voice sounds gentle but firm and she notices her arousal when she speaks and looks into her eyes. Both hear the rhythm of the primal ‘pas de deux’ on the other side of the table.

Claudette walks to the table climbing with her small fragile body on it and places herself between Felice’s legs. Caressing them with her warm hand and sees the dew glistening on the beautiful flower. The petals are stretched and slightly moving with every breath of Felice. The wide-open flower is ready for her and she bends forward and very gently tastes the girls honey, actually a very recognizable taste. The scent and taste to her surprise is far better than she ever thought. Very carefully she runs laps with her tongue around the lovely protruding centrepiece of this artefact. Her tongue warm, wet and soft teasing her. She knows as she seeks with her fingers the little cavity and fills it. And very gently moves them seeking the spot she knows so well herself. She notices now and than that the petals are being stretched almost to the limit and hears the soft moans.

The rhythm of the dance beside her and the little noises she hears so close to her ear; a piece of modern music. She slowly continues and the circles become smaller and smaller, now and than touching that uprised knob of desire. As she suddenly sees the pegs pulled tight.  She simply cannot bring herself to deny this girl her orgasm. Her voice sounds gently when she gives her the freedom to let go. And softly starts suckling while she moves her fingers in the rhythm of the dance next to her. Felice’s muscles are flexing, her legs shaking as she gives in loudly arching her back and pulling all the pegs, the sudden pain sending her into a floating orbit. Like a wild animal she pulls the shackles.

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