11 Mar 2012

the three graces (part 5)

Claudette smiles her body filled with the effects of her actions on the girl and the sound of the Master unloading his freight of built up tension into Rouge with a last roar, almost like an animal in pain. Her cheeks reddish but in someway satisfied although her body seeks a release.  Just as she reaches out to unchain the sweaty and tired Felice she feels something is wrong, deeply wrong. Very slowly she turns her head and sees her Master, his arms folded seemingly relaxed, but Claudette knows him to well to see the boiling anger within him. He just glares with ice-cold rage in his eyes. All their faces directed to him and when he speaks he fills the dungeon with his fury. He doesn’t shout, he slowly spits his words in to the dungeon, despised of what he sees.

‘Such a nice view.’

Than he slowly turns around and walks out, leaving them under a blanket of discomfort. Claudette’s arms hanging limp alongside her body. She feels empty and desolate, she swallows the upcoming tears and aware of Felice’s discomfort she frees her. The Master cuddles the shocked Rouge and looks concerned at the girls. Felice sits on the table and bends forward kissing Claudette.

‘Thank you.’ She whispers very softly in her ear.

Claudette kisses her cheek and holds her in her arms, caressing her as it also sooths herself.

‘Are you ok?’

Felice nods and notices the tears in Claudette’s eyes and gently kisses her indicating with her eyes that she should go up. Claudette doesn’t answer. She can’t leave like that. She feels the responsibility. But the fun they all had is gone and she seeks a way to make things better. The Master takes Rouge by the hand and walks towards them.

‘Do leave if you wish woman.’

He looks concerned, but Claudette shakes her head.

‘We all need to bathe girls! Come and while we are in the bath, I will give all of you permission to speak.’

He slaps Claudette’s butt playfully and follows the girls. The huge relaxing bubble bath is filled with warm water. And the Master sits with the girls surrounding him. He is at ease with the girls just chitchatting and making them comfortable. He takes Claudette in his lap and gently massages her. She enjoys, knowing the next couple of days or weeks will be hard. Her Master is very strict. But this here what happened to her with these lovely girls will stay as a lovely memory.

It is the first time the three girls share a bath, but it is already nothing compared to what had happened in the dungeon. There bodies touch and they are comfortable with it. Although, now and than the girls giggle when a hand touches accidently the more intimate places. Is it accidental or are they just being playful? The Master hears them giggle and finally orders the three of them to gently clean and massage him. The girls give each other a meaningful look and as if they have done this already for years somehow go about their task diligently, softly talking and enjoying. The Masters sits back and relaxes.

Claudette feels restless and asks if she may leave. And while she dries herself she thinks of what all just happened as she sees the girls so playfully and relaxed in the bath; laughing, talking and slightly teasing the Master. His deep voice grinning relaxed. She had never thought of herself she would ever do a thing like this. Something changed and she also knows nothing will be the same. She will return home and her head is spinning with ways how to explain herself to her Master. With a heavy heart she drags herself up the stairs of the dungeon with no clue of what the future has installed for her. The gravity of her disobedience finally dawning to her and also the feeling of loving power she had no idea she possessed.

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