6 Mar 2012

words as household tools

After a discussion that I moderated in JDs in second life, I have been doing some soul searching about words, communicating and being a slut. How I please Meester with my writing and how deeply he pleases me with his words, sentences, orders, care and love.
The Master whispered:
"I will call you slut, not because you are one but just so you can live your perverted dreams.
I will call you slut, simply because I want to live my perverted dreams."
She knows.

He continued:
"I will call you slut because your body reacts in pleasure.
I will call you slut because I am proud of you"
She understands.

He whispered as He looked deep in her eyes:
"I call you slut, when ever I feel to.
But You are my slut! My slut only."
She feels.

He whispered in her ear:
"You are my slut, my lady.
You are my slut and queen"
She flies.

(copyright ARA 18022012)

When I started out to discover and connect with my desire to experience BDSM I roamed the lifestyle sims in Second Life and was at times astonished. I was shocked with the girls I saw walking with cumdumpster on their body. How they openly sucked their Masters cock, the names they were called and that did not object to be called slut. I was amazed and in my mind I was convinced and totally sure that was not my thing at all. Worse even, I looked down on the women who were degrading themselves in my opinion.

Until one day Meester said slut to me and he was the first one who actually reached me when he called me a slut. I was shocked with he effect it had on me and told him that I didn’t want to be called a slut but that he was the only allowed to call me that. He actually probed through my armour without me realising. Others had called me slut and I felt offended. With him quite the opposite happened; I felt it as a praise of my being. He wasn’t even my Master yet, but it stayed with me.

Elder who had commented on my blog already put me on to this, words are also easy to use at home to arouse. Elder said that one of the best household tools are hands. So simple and so right! Humiliating, ordering, praise, punishment don’t have to be a physical act, it can easily be done in words and have maximum effect. Communicating, as household tool is a very good one I thought.

For me the most important part in power exchange is in words, far more important than anything else. It is the bases on which the D/s relation is build. With words we try to understand each other. Communication is an important tool. But better than whipping or play around it. The words put us in our place. It is the order. Obeying the order is essential, but feeling the need to obey is the drive behind D/s.  Obeying rules, finding out how rules help you in your submission is in the end the key, to reach a good relationship.

But words can easily tear things into shreds. Or hurt badly when used to deliberately hurt or used arrogantly. We can become too careful with each other or when we do not see, hear and understand the other any longer. Sometimes goals of Dominant and sub can grow further and further apart. It is nobodies fault when things start to fail.

I remember how the day I was called slave something was marked within me, a deep desire entered into me and left a deep impression.

You can have all the tools in your house to have fun at home. But the right words, the right order, the right discipline and the right time to actually talk things through are essential. And sometimes all fails because I found out that with the Master I was at the time things didn’t match. His words started to fail and my words started to fail. I realized his dreams didn’t fit me; his words didn’t fit me at all. We weren’t communicating because our words weren’t reaching their goal.

Communicating is seeking constantly for balance and sometimes we do not listen to our instinct. So words, expressions, body language are for me the most important tools in BDSM and actually also the best household tools imaginable.

And isn’t the computer the best household tool ever? For words, sentences, virtual lives, research, pornography, kindred souls, friends and whatever else it offers in the lifestyle.

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