26 Apr 2012


She stood there gazing
at the man sitting
on His motorcycle.
Far to shy
to express herself.

The heated Harley
was grumbling
and growling
a deep bass.
He was waiting.

'Woman' He said:
'Tell me what you want?
Tell me what you need?
Tell me anything
But tell me!'

She stood there
the pavement
not daring
to offer herself to Him

'Woman' He said:
'I want to know.
I need to know.
Speak up
for both our pleasure,'

'Sir' She said finally:
'I came here because
I want You,
I need You
to use me.'

He pointed at the seat
behind Him.
She sat, clinging on
to His waist,
holding tight.

Hitting the throttle,
He drove off,
winding roads
towards a meadow
where He used her.

She moaned.
He grunted
a deep bass.
Her willingness
and His will

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Will said...

smiles....thank you!