22 Apr 2012

more household tools

There is this lovely and amusing blog written by a submissive with a good sense of humour and a character I can easily relate too. Anyway she referred to some more intriguing household tools.

Thank you melinda
And do read the blog of her Master too. They are both so refreshingly, unseriously serious it makes my day when I read their blogs.

Paper clamps

I have them in my house as I used them and still use them doing art. But I got so stuck on my clothespins that I never thought of them. Nevertheless they are indeed a good idea to work with and as I understand more painful than the clothes pins. (Meester... I think... will be reading this too....)

Shoe horn

Who would’ve thought of that one? And it seems effective. I learned if you buy one with a loop that seems to add up to use the loop as well. (I will write about a Loopy Johnnie. A funny name but seems to sting 'like the Dickens'. )
These wooden ones look quite beautiful. 

Spiky hair brush

Used as a paddle… but what about the spiky side…. Anyone with experience here?

Ok ok............. only joking!

More to come soon,
Love Ya



Elder said...

You are too kind ara, but thanks for your compliment. But this comment is on the spiky part of the hair brush. By the way we don't have the "balls" on the tips of our hair brush.

To be short: I have used them and though it is fun, perhaps you should get the version in your picture.
It is easy to get tissue damage. Nothing to be worried about, but I am not extreme with spanking in the sense that it is end of exercise if melinda's skin looks too damaged for my liking. And with the spiky side that is easy reached.
An other draw back is that I have seen little silver coloured particles after using it. They probably have some chrome layer and tiny pieces are coming off. I would not want to embed one of those in melinda's skin. So for the moment I use the flat side.

A little mean streak: I like to use it on melinda's vulva. But at each stroke she closes her legs. (We are trying to do mental bondage but this one is difficult) In any case I leave the brush in place after a stroke so she closes her legs on it. But she has to open them if she wants the brush to be removed.

ara said...

Thank You Sir I will add the comment which is very valuable