28 May 2012


Look at her walking, curves
moving with every step.
Her hips swaying like a dance.
Her butt rounded, swings along.
Her calves above her high heels flex
showing of her ankles

Her hair moves in the wind
Her face smiles slightly,
amusingly, her lips sensual,
the skin of her neck,
head upright,

Her breasts moving
with every step.
Her arms swaying loosely.
She is relaxed and aware
of the effect she has,
but without arrogance.

It is not about size,
length or weight.
It is not about beauty,
it is just the awareness
of her sensuality,
how she moves

She is a woman
and she likes to be one.
She is secure of herself.
She doesn't have to be
a 'beauty'. She just needs
to be who she is.

I love to see her walking.
I like her beauty within.
I like her sensuality.
When a woman walks elegantly,
sensually. I am taken,
captured, I simply love it.
I like watching women

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