14 Apr 2013


As soon as I see You.
My skin feels youthful again,
my appearance softens,
I crawl out of my cave
and smile into the mirror.
An at first barren face,
wrinkles around my eyes,
mouth, deep and relentless.
My body is tired and sad
But suddenly
it feels young again.
My skin is like soft cotton
that embraces You and shows my love.
How I almost smell You, feel Your hands.
My heart dances, I know You pull
the strings and play with me;
Your willing marionet.
I do not withstand and move with You
We dance together, slow fox, elegantly.

Photo above is titled: “Linger” featuring Laura Unbound as the model, with rigging by Master Penguin"
Photographer: James Gledenning of http://www.slephoto.com/ and http://www.ModelInsider.com/64

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