31 May 2012


I wanted 
to destroy you
As you did to me
You wanted 
to destroy me
As I did to you
None of it 
Is true in the end
There is no truth
There are no lies either
There is just nothing
Any longer
To destroy

In our path 
Of destruction
We burnt all
And left all in ashes
Behind us
And I am left
With a lesson learned
Memories of service
But no submission
At all
No one can demand submission
By pretending to dominate
Or vice versa

When things fit
You leap
And fly
It is simply
A painful struggle
Of both sides
But I know
I gave my all
In serving you
As you did
In guiding me
As that is all
What is Left of us
I forgive you
Thank you
For all the effort
And love

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