12 May 2012


(Based on the Story of O)

The flames flicker and lick the stone of the hearth.
The fire crackles lashes through the room.
A girl, hands bound, naked is ordered to present herself
in front of the men, cigars, muffled voices, sounds of appreciation.
Their eyes caressing her curves.
One steps forward and feels her round butt.
The men are grinning and seeking a reaction, eyes roaming.
Her butt is spread and some come forward to discuss her arse,
so fresh and pink. Her face blushing,
not a single word passes her crimson lips.
With fast brushstrokes a picture is painted.
Red quick stripes mark the canvas on her back, beautiful.
Coals are simmering, there at the bottom of the hearth,
heating the room. Painting a glow on the faces of all.

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