1 May 2012

the perfect cunt

A story which is often told that in the 19th century some virgin males would be totally put off by the sight of a vulva. It is also well known that a lot of women dislike the look of their own vulva or vulvas in general. But like with a penis, they come in many different forms and sizes. So lets research this lovely flower, as it deserves some attention.

Ok, lets talk cunt. Let me start. My cunt is mine I am living with it for over 40 years and I love to play with it. She (please forgive me Meester and yes it is fully Yours) has also changed over the years and so has my vagina especially after childbirth. Do I care, does it change my sexlife? My sexlife is better than before. It is as it is, my outer labia less rounded and my inner labia are  always visible. But what the heck my face has changed, my belly has changed. I am changing as gravity is tugging gently year after year.  But within all that acceptance I realised that I didn't really like the look of my vulva. Am I fair to myself?


But there seems to be the perfect cunt, or better to be said the perfect vulva and even that ideal has suddenly made me conscious of my inner labia. But what is perfect? Perfect is made by the illusion of the porn industry.
What is perfection? Shockingly perfection is shaved, and looks like that of a young child. This lovely pink Vulva we see here is rather rare. Most will not look like that. With cosmetic surgery - and please do notice the word 'cosmetic' - some women will puff up outer labia, cut of inner labia and after childbirth they will cut out a part of the vagina wall and stitch it together again to have a tight vagina like a virgin. 
It shocks me deeply as I know that the vagina and vulva is a delicate place with a large amount of nerves that serves us so delightfully when we are being, touched, caressed, hit, spanked and penetrated. So I really need a very good reason to ever have surgery there.

So what is a perfect vulva, I rather use vulva than vagina as that is what I am talking about. Women and men judge the outside and most of the time vulvas aren't really visible. When I do sports, go to the sauna (in Holland mixed saunas for the sake of the sauna is very common) or to a nudist camping I will see loads of genitals and even there most of female ones are still quite covered. A women really needs to open her legs to give a full display of her genitals. Like a man can only show the size of his cock when it is fully erected. The women who do Brazilian waxes do tell that they see a variety passing by. 


The artist Jamie McCarthy made it his project to show of the large variety of female vulvas and created 'the Vagina Wall'. And how refreshing is that. He plastered the vulvas of over 400 women and there is such variety that it is just lovely to see. And I bet as mine they will function wonderfully. Why did he make this work? It shows the normality within the variety. 

It made me realise how normal I am. One of the reasons I am so fond of art is that it always questions life. It will put a mirror in front of us. With this piece of art it is almost like a true mirror for all the women. All the women who have willingly offered to be plastered have become anonymous but I realise by doing so they are for me already brave and wonderful women. Mine would fit in as any other. The other reason I like art is that it gives me the opportunity to ponder.
So all you lovely UK residents do go to the Hayhill Gallery as he exhibits his work there may 8th to june 2nd 2012. 

If you want to learn how and why he made it in his own words do use this link: 'the vagina wall'.

Hereby a documentory about the perfect vagina and for those with a strong stomach I found quite a graphic example of a surgeon doing surgery on a vagina. It made me realise the stupidity of cosmetic surgery: I saw nothing wrong there!

I love my cunt


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