23 May 2012


The sensation of figging

She stands, her legs slightly apart her hands on her back and breasts pushed forward. He kisses her gently on her lips. The tip of His tongue seeks hers, making a twirly dance of saliva and tongue. Holding her in His arms, He smiles and ties a scarf as a blindfold over her eyes.

‘I have a surprise for you my slave.’

She feels His warm breath and a kiss in her neck. A soft sigh passes her lips as her body fills with the anxiety of what might come.

‘Stay there!’
‘Yes Master!’

She hears Him doing things but has no idea what will happen. The sound is unfamiliar for her and in the pitch dark she stands quietly but her mind runs fast. Her deep breaths make her breasts heave with every inhalation. She is wet with anticipation until suddenly she feels His hands gently around her arms as he guides her to the bed.

‘Present your arse slave!’

On her knees lifting her butt up and her head down she waits as she hears Him walking around again. It feels like an eternity while she gently rubs her cheek against the fabric of the covers. Even though she is used to kneel like this every time it will make her very horny.  She feels how the muscles in her pussy contract in reaction. Fingers touch her butt right up to the rose of flesh in the centre. A finger enters. Her moans fill the room.

Than, for her at least, out of nowhere a plug is placed and she feels how her anus clenches due to the effect.  She grabs the covers and pushes her head down as if she is nailed to the bed. Moaning softly as she takes the pain in. Is it pain? No it burns! It burns like hell. The knuckles on her fingers white, her toes curled up. Nowhere to go, she is just nailed on the bed by a mere plug up her arse. In the distance she hears Him:

‘Are You ok my slave, my lovely little slut?’

She answers in a deep dark moan:

‘Yes...... Master!’

Her moans are muffled as she bites the sheet. Now and than she feels how the plug is patted, making her moans loud. With a gentle gesture He places His hand on her butt. After a while she gently floats on the clouds of pain and lust as gradually that burning sensation looses its initial power. He removes the plug and takes her in His arms, lies beside her on the bed. She buries her head in His arms, always safe.

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