6 May 2012


On my knees 
You ordered me
and I kneel and wait
Eyes blindfolded
I hear how You 
open Your pants
grab my hair
and pull
my face
towards You

I open my mouth
as ordered and
feel Yours, hard
against my cheek first
brushing my lips
I am eager
but you grin
I want to please You
more than anything

You order to stick 
out my tongue
and lick
I do as told
and lick, taste
play with the tip
soft and slippery
You tap my cheek
with Yours

You pull my hair
No order
Just thrusting inside
my mouth
as I suck
Yours in
deeper and deeper
enjoying Yours

You go deep
into my throat
I accept fully
to please You
 That My Lord
Is all I want
for You

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