23 Jun 2012


You push me deep
And I fly up high
Soaring right up in the sky
I float and know
You're at the helm
When all overwhelms
But when I drop right
back on earth
I need you there
to show You care
lying in my nest
while I rest
my folded wings
to protect my soul
that reached Your goal
as it needs and clings
onto Your presence
because my fragility
is nothing other
than humility
I gave at all cost
But there and then
is when I'm lost
and simply need
a guiding hand
so I can stand
on my own two feet
that little time
with soothing words
to face the full reality
and climb
out of the blur

1 comment:

Neveah Sparrowhawk said...

wow ... perfect timing hun .. right where i am. thank you !