7 Jun 2012

do the right thing

How I kneeled at Your feet
softly whispering:
'Friend, help me here,
I am so lost, have no beginning
I' ve lost the one to steer.'
And You didn’t wait 
a second, reached for me
laid my head right on your lap.
Stroked my hair
and ordered a first step:
'You will heal girl!
And I'll be certain
that you rise out of this pit.
As I love you, and do know
I am certain it will fit.'
And I whimpered and I muttered:
'Oh please Sir, it is too soon.'
But you didn’t even listen
and stubbornly repeated:
'Shut up girl, I know it fits.
Know that I am really patient
and will wait for ever more
until the time you tell me
I submit up to my core.
And only after you've told me
I will grab your hair and hold you
to make sure that you will stay.
Because you stubborn little subbie
follows me on my own way.
I will neither pressure,
force you or do anything 
to make you say.
As I only want you willing,
and full heartedly
then I'll own you if I may.'
You placed a kiss on my cheek
and whispered in my ear:
‘Take your time and please heal
and just know that I am near.
I’ll do anything to hold you,
make you stronger
and whatever you decide.
Know that I'll be on your side.
And I whimpered and I muttered:
'Sir, oh please it is too much.
Let me go I don’t deserve.
Don’t deserve your gentle touch.'
You said nothing.
Heard my crying.
Wiped my tears
and simply nursed me.
While I learned to trust you
and address my fears.
Ever since I've never heard,
You being rude or an angry word.
As after months I accepted You 
as my Meester, feeling fully
it was the right thing to do.

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