11 Jun 2012

the perfect cunt and education

I received a comment on my post 'The perfect cunt' and it deserves a full answer on my side.


Hi Ara, 

Thank you for sharing your experience and perception about the "perfect cunt". Being in this field (elective surgery) for several years and talking with thousands of women (& men). I am always surprised when people describe this as women seeking "perfection". While some seek a labia reduction for merely cosmetic reasons, the majority of them also experience pain, discomfort or hygiene issues. Similar to a breast reduction (where size of breast can cause back issues), the vulva can also experience pain due the size of labia. While this may not always be a topic women are comfortable discussing or one the media addresses, the issue exists nonetheless. So even though you touch on very valid points. There is no "normal" we are all unique. That is what women should know in regards to the vulva or our bodies in general. My opinion on the matter is that regardless of what women choose, education & knowledge is always the answer. Thank you for having a post on the perfect cunt.



Dear Vanessa,

Thank you for sharing your opinion. Within your opinion you say that the majority of women have labia reduction because they experience pain, discomfort and hygiene issues. So I truly wondered on what basis you have this opinion because so far I haven't found any evidence. What I have found is a few things I would like to share here.

I have not read any about pain of the labia minora and how I dislike that name as it is likely that the name by itself is giving them a ‘false’ identity. I am curious where that comes from. Coming from a cycling country I do know that the saddle of the bike makes a huge difference for the comfort of cycling. And underwear made of synthetic material creates discomfort, itching. Another thing is wearing g-strings or other kinds of lovely and sexy underwear that are too small for the average vulva of adult women. Those pieces are made for the bedroom and not for everyday wear. So where the pain comes from I have no idea? But mostly it comes from either bacteria or yeast. Labia-reduction is not a solution for pain. But of course I might be wrong there. 

Well as I said with pain a lot of discomfort comes from the idea that women think they have an abnormal vulva. They have not but they have the idea that there inner labia are to big simply because they stick out. 
You say you are part of the 'elective surgery'. Actually elective surgery is just a general name of a part of surgery when there is no immediate medical necessity to operate upon a person. And cosmetic surgery is part of that. Doing a little research, and I have to say that little research will be done by most of the women, I come to the conclusion that most of the information given is about beauty and not about the reasons you give above so the internet is spreading this fast and making young girls thinking their vulva is ugly. And even worse than that, the idea is given that larger inner labia is a form of a disorder of the vulva!

They even have a name for it. And yes without even knowing this before I am a long-time sufferer.
So what is this infamous disorder? It is called Hypertrophy of the labia and is actually by most of the ones who undergo surgery done for aesthetic reasons. 

For example hypertrophy of the breasts is not something like large breasts but:

...'Hypertrophy of the breast (macromastia and gigantomastia) is a rare disease of the breasts connective tissues; the indication is a breast weight increase that exceeds 600 grams (21 oz), which enlargement causes muscular discomfort and over-stretching of the skin envelope, leading to ulceration. Hypertrophy of the breast tissues might be caused by increased histologic sensitivity to the female hormones prolactin, estrogen, and progesterone; or an abnormally elevated hormone(s) level in the blood, or both. Macromastia is the bilateral, benign progressive enlargement of the breasts; gigantomastia was first scientifically described in 1648.'...

And although I will recognise that there can be examples of malformed labia, the ones showed are not, those have simply normal inner labia.  So when a doctor confirms the feeling of a woman, and when he earns around 5000 to 10.000 $ for a fairly simple and fast procedure I would indeed say that she has a ‘condition’ that can be helped. I would even show her pictures of vulva that have undergone the procedure without telling her all these women had perfectly normal cunts. But some women feel that their inner labia should be within the boundaries of their outer labia. Some plastic surgeons make around 350.000 $ per month on the igonorance and low selfesteem of women. Not any different to the money made in the cosmetic industry on anti-wrinkle creams and so-called anti-aging creams. None help, are very costly and will not stop the aging process. So a vulva rejuvination is simply saying you have gone through puberty and your labia have enlarged which is ugly as yours should look like a vulva of a ten year old.

Lets look at some numbers in research?

….’ Objective: Our purpose was to describe the surgical procedure, its results, and its complications and to determine whether patients are satisfied with surgical reduction of labia minora in cases of hypertrophy.Study Design: The records of 163 patients who underwent reduction of the labia minora during a 9-year period were reviewed. The ages of the patients ranged from 12 to 67 years (median, 26). Motives for requesting surgery were aesthetic concerns in 87% of the cases, discomfort in clothing in 64%, discomfort with exercise in 26%, and entry dyspareunia in 43%. Anatomic results were assessed 1 month postoperatively. Patient satisfaction was assessed by means of a mailed questionnaire. Results: No surgery-related significant complications were noticed. Anatomic results were satisfactory for 151 patients (93%). Ninety-eight completed questionnaires were returned. Eighty-one patients (83%) found that the results after surgery were satisfactory. Eighty-seven (89%) were satisfied with the aesthetic result, and 91 (93%) approved the functional outcome. Four patients (4%) would not undergo the same procedure again.Conclusion: Labia minora reduction is a simple surgical procedure associated with a high degree of patient satisfaction. (Am J Obstet Gynecol 2000;182:35-40.)’…

So this study already contradicts that the majority is doing it for other reasons than beauty.

I have never read or heard that hygiene is an issue and a factor to reduce labia as labia are very easy to clean. You can simply wash your vulva with water and that is enough. The vagina cleans itself. However a lot of women are conscious of their bodies and feel they should 'clean' themselves of their natural odours and start using vaginal showers, products sold over the counter, or any other products to prevent to be 'smelly'. A pussy is famous for its own odour, which is usually an attractive addition to our sensuality. Next to that we do not taste like chocolate but we taste like women should. That taste can change due to what we eat, but it doesn’t make us smelling bad.
We have become very conscious of being smelly and actually as a matter of fact rather overly hygienic which can cause a lot of problems. Also we are being made conscious about images in the industry, suddenly the expression the ugly cunt has come to life. I have no idea what an ugly cunt is as to me all forms of cunt is beautiful and the ugly cunt is the one seen by women as they have no clue any longer what a cunt should look like, as if there is like one kind of nose or ears. I remember how surprised I was when suddenly the word got out after a picture was taken of a celebrity stepping out of the car with all comments that she has an ugly cunt. I saw nothing but lovely labia there and nothing ugly. But the worst of that was that some uneducated young girls would think they are abnormal. While they are not, actually the abnormality lays within what they perceive as normal, which is childlike vulva or ones that can be seen in for example the playboy. It is like the male penis. How to get a male loose self-esteem? That is when they think that all of them have to look like porn stars with large erected cocks, that last forever and that produces when having an orgasm quite the quantity of sperm.

It is a big money industry and I agree, we need to be educated!

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Branwyn Moonbeam said...

Ara, darling,

I do love how you tell it so honestly. I want to add to your reply by pointing out that plastic surgery, when it is done for health issues, such as breast reduction to relieve back problems, is no longer called 'elective surgery' ... that in it self is a telling point against the doctors argument and in favor of yours.

Love ya, jewel