6 Jun 2012


The whole car surrounds me like a safety belt.
Feeling safe enough to let all the tension go
inside of me as You drive safely through the streets.
I drift away and see stripes of lights passing by,
stars and reflections. I hear the engine
and the rattling of cobblestones of the old roads.
My clothes suffocate me and I wish I could rip them off.
But I just can’t think how? My blurry mind is drunk of pleasure.
I feel Your hand lightly on my leg as You pull my skirt up.
Caressing my leg through the slick nylons.
I moan with the touch wanting relief, seeking relief
All I feel is that hand far a way, warm and tender.
Your voice in the distance ordering me not to step
into the waves that engulf me but stay afloat.
I hold on with all my might while You keep on driving.
Time, speed I have no clue even where we are,
just how my body is cradled by the movement.
I feel so vulnerable, lost in time and space when I hear You say:
‘Cry, let go my love.’ The tears leaving traces on my cheeks
when they drip down steadily as I let go.
You drive, steering me within all the safety I need.

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