16 Jun 2012

Stress relief

Fed up with writing and stressed about trying to please all and everyone in her life she takes her baoding balls for a daily meditation and gently rotates them in her skilled hands. After years she can move them without clashing together. Today is one of those days that she feels tight and desperately seeks ways to relax. The chimes that come from the balls and the deep concentration relax her some.

After a while she lays the balls on the side to mail her Master. Opening her mailbox she notices a link to a short track of a movie sent by her Master. A Master forces a lovely tied up girl into an orgasm. The girl lays on her back and her legs wide in a spreader bar. Her nipples are fastened with small strings to the spreader bar as well and her own movements pull her breasts. She is being forced into orgasm after orgasm. The lovely moans and squeaks of her voice as she cums again and again arouses her immensely and she watches a few times hearing her so close in her headphones as if the girl was in the room with her.

The feel of her body changes when she seeks relief after what she saw. With the balls in her hand she walks to the bathroom and pushes them in her vagina, easy does it, nice and slippery and plays with herself in front of the mirror. The electric toothbrush as a vibrator on her clit takes her right op the moon and she cums delightfully, when suddenly the doorbell rings. Quickly she washes hands and pulls her jeans up and runs down hearing in the distance the bells chime with every step down.

The doorbell rings again and when she opens the door a delivery van is parked in front of her house, the driver hands her a package, which she gracefully accepts for the neighbours.  When the dog brushes against her legs, she knows it is time to go for a walk. Amused and feeling relaxed she decides to go, chiming balls and all. When she picks up the leash, the dog wags her tail happy and with a grin she wags her butt and walks out of the door for an afternoon walk. Enjoying the stroll: her filled pussy and the happy dog. Feeling ever so naughty as she greets fellow dog owners on her path. Actually the whole walk is arousing her deeply again. Especially when she realises it must look funny, her unusual small steps.

Finally home she notices the neighbours are back and offers the package to them and when she returns to her frontdoor she realizes that she left the keys on the side table. There, her situation becomes vividly real. And when she climbs over the fence of her back garden, one of the balls slips out making an uncomfortable bulge in her crotch. She blushes deeply when the neighbour peeks out and asks if she is fine where she has to admit she left the keys in her house. Her head spins, the ball in her pants, the blush on her cheeks and deep very deep inside her the whole situation is very arousing. Would he see it? She walks even more awkwardly to the backdoor. How she wishes her Master had been there to help her out, but than she grins because he probably would roar with laughter. She feels the backdoor and fortunately she forgot to lock it. She slips quickly back in, runs upstairs for some more stress relief.

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