28 Jul 2012


There are times when I have lost beauty.
But beauty is always there,
even when I cannot see it.
Some I can simply feel
as they are with me
and stay with me
Sometimes I just forgot for a while
that I carry it within me.

There is so much beauty
in swimming late at night
under a starry sky.
Floating and enjoying
the warm water contrasting
with the cool night air.

The water caressing my skin.
The shimmer of the moon
and how my fingers 
ripple the water.
A pattern of delight.
My hair dancing like seaweed
when I move

There is so much beauty 
in walking, just walking
smelling the fresh
scent of dawn
Just the sound of
the pavement
underneath my feet

There is so much beauty 
in the care of a Master
he puts into his submissive
how he touches
the words of reassurance
which binds a knot
while playing

There is so much beauty 
In sucking an erect penis
How my lips follow
Sucking it in deep
Simply to show the beauty of it
To my Meester, the wondrous
Beauty of sucking His dick

There is beauty in pain and the aftermath.
Of a stinging cunt in the car
on my way home.
There is beauty in the tears I feel
When I miss my Master.
And in grieving for those
Who will never return.

Chewing gum as a pattern 
on the pavement.
And how children dance
while they walk.
And the slow movement of the elderly
Dogs wagging their tails.
A cat on the roof of a car 
drinking the sun with its whiskers.
a broken down house.

There is beauty in first times
and last times, in saying hello
and goodbye. There is beauty
In looking someone in the eyes.
Touching lips, holding hands and
feeling the warmth before you walk away.
Perfection and imperfection.

Or a face swollen of crying,
Eyes when angry or
a bright smile.
The scent of fresh sweat
after hard labour.
The little spots of paint on
any nose after painting the wall.

There is beauty in a slice of
Fresh toast, butter and cheese.
how I put my teeth in.
The first salty taste, the crunch,
the cheese almost melting on my tongue.
When I chew and carefully mix
all the flavours in my mouth

There is beauty in sadness,
feeling low.
There is even more beauty
when it starts raining.
Adding to the feeling;
Like a thunderstorm when angry
or a bright sunny day when cheerful.
Or music that matches your mood.

There is so much beauty in you,
I hope you read this
sitting quietly in front of your screen.
And I hope you feel
that soothing calm
after the heavy rain, when
the sun breaks through the clouds.
Silver lining, soft rays of light on trees
and leaves where little sparkly 
diamonds fall off in the grass.
And how we breathe.
Because that is what we do.
Breathing in and out.
Like the beating of our heart.
A clock ticking.
Passing time.
The beauty of passing time.
The word itself.

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