8 Jul 2012

le dejeuner sur l'herbe

A lot is said and written about this piece of art and ever as a student I was intrigued by this piece. Looking back at it I understand why. For me it is not the outrage of seeing two fully dressed men having a picnic in the forest with two naked women. I thought the whole thing not provoking but fairly arousing.

So what do I see, feel with this painting?

For me it could be a scene with two Masters enjoying a play day out with their submissive. One Master is holding a cane while his submissive is bathing in the small stream behind them. It leaves me with questions. Was she just used or is she refreshing her self to be fully ready for her Master. She looks a little anxious, while the other seems so secure and fully relaxed.  She sits there and looks around.
Both girls have not really served yet.  But they will be soon! No doubt about that.

I bet the ribbon of the straw hat will be used to blindfold the girl in the stream.  And in the little boat there is enough rope to tie her to a tree. It will be like an initiation for her I guess. To be used more openly. I bet her mind is racing and her body shivering to the cold water. Her Master had said just a picnic with friends….

Who knows what will happen next….?

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