11 Jul 2012


I craved for You
Missed You
Longed for You
And than suddenly
You were close to me
Speaking to me
Ordering me
And we were Us
We are Us
We blended
Within Us


Anna said...

That is a perfect kind of post, I think. It does not require many lines (or many words) to express how it feels to submit every time. It does not require many lines or many words because every word is important. Every word is loaded with the meaning of what it feels like in the spaces between contact, and then the power of contact.

ara said...

Thank you Anna, your words mean a lot to me

littleone said...

beautiful Ara.

I have participated in the one lovely blog award and named your blog in my list of faves.

I hope thats ok?

L x

ara said...

Oh my.... you have me stunned, I am really honoured!!!