20 Jul 2012


P asked me how I do it, how can I do all and have such a busy life. I have no clue really only one: I do see a rhythm in my life. Within my nature I do please and try to please all. 

A submissives pleases, it so deeply in her nature. Sometimes it is expected that we all please the same. We please differently as Dominants vary. But when a Master accepts his sub the way she is, it is easier to please. I know I have a safe haven, one who understands, doesn't ask questions but listens, calms me, reassures me, holds on to me. I see it as failing He sees it as my nature and simply sets up a structure that lasts for a while until I have my energy back.

I am a creative person, I do not thrive under a strict regime full of rules. I thrive when given freedom and I am so easy to be pulled back. Life with me is like walking with a playful dog. You can throw, I will fetch the best way I can and I will do that for all until I am dead tired. It is than that I get lost in high grass trying to return all the balls everyone was throwing. My wagging tail gets tired and I have no clue any longer which ball to fetch first. I am going to the dogs. 

My owner is standing in the distance looking. He doesn't whistle, He doesn't call, He simply knows I return, I always return to my owner. He will take me home. And there He takes me in His arms, sets a few simple rules and calms me down, until I am ready to play again. He knows I am His and will always come back to Him. The way I am is what He likes; He adores my playfull nature. I adore His steadfast nature.

So there you have it, the truth is told, I am just one happy dog.

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