29 Aug 2012

Greedy smile

You saw me and took me with You
under a vault of branches with leaves
grabbed my neck and quickly kissed
and whispered: 'Follow me in Your car.'
I did, while You speeded down the highway
meandering through the traffic like a boat,
lifeboat, I felt my heart beat in my throat.
I felt how I had to do all to focus
to keep track with You, with the road
the other cars, traffic lights
red, orange, green, red again and again
I was so happy and horny.
How I wanted you, it seemed forever
Until I parked and closed the car
stumbling after You
to much luggage in my arms
dropping it there on the pavement,
feeling deliberately clumsy
You finally took my bag.
We almost ran to the elevator
where You pulled me in Your arms
I sought Your hardness teasingly
We ran out at the right floor
and playfully I took my jacket of,
threw it over Your shoulder.
My shirt was next and than my bra
And I laughed there in corridor.
I saw Your greedy smile.
I loved Your greedy smile.
Opening the door to the room,
the smiles stayed, it stayed,
when You ordered me
to lay over Your knee
and You spanked me
rhythmically, like a drum.
And only after, when the pain still
lingered on, You kissed me and
with a smile You said:
'Happy Birthday!'
I only heard in a haze.

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