14 Nov 2012

Mr. Grey

We started reading about Mr Grey and the little miss Steele. And to me it is like a Harlequin version... with BDSM. But we haven't really reached that part yet. The juicy bits, other than her looking at the tall handsome version of a modern Mr. Darcy and feeling hot. But as I said, it is not a Jane Austen who wrote it.
We are reading on for the steamy parts, so far we laughed a lot.


Unknown said...

Smiles to Ara, and makes a mental note to never upset her, fearing her razor-sharp tongue

Just "J" said...

Oh just skip reading the book. It is just a bodice ripper. If you are looking for some BDSM you might as well go to the web and find the shortened version that is just the naughty bits. It is just a silly romance novel. I am not sure what all the hype is about.

ara said...

Hey "J"

I think the hype is that it is an easy to read fantasy like the movie: 'Pretty Woman' with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, combined with the hot steamy sex in '9,5 weeks' with Kim Basinger and Mickey Roarke.

Easy to swallow fast food, and no chwey bits at all.

But who knows the book might surprise me...