17 Nov 2012

Ms. Steele

After fuck pigtails?

There she is Ms. Steele, who has never masturbated, never had sex and lives with her sexually active friend. They have never talked about masturbating, about their bodies, about anything as it seems. Miss sexually active Katie is concerned but has never given her full details before. Ms. Steele has no clue about her body and was only kissed twice. Perhaps I am far to Dutch to really understand this level of naivety in a girl of her age in these modern internet times. But even that is somehow explained, the poor girl doesn't have her own pc.

He gives her hints.... hints? But doesn't even mention BDSM to her or any other real clues, until he shows the red room?
Suddenly her life revolves around a extremely handsome and rich Mr. Grey who takes her virginity, although Mr. Grey has never had vanilla sex himself. He gives her one weekend of vanilla sex with his apparantly huge throbbing hot rod after confronting her casually with his 'red room'. To enhance more of the magic of the weekend she secures him after giving him a full professional blow job, deep throat and all. But ofcourse that is what a girl does all innocent and naive.

After our initial laughter we have now reached boredom with the dull sentences, the bad descriptions. I have promised him to extract the bits that are steamy. But I didn't even read the vanilla sex part to him.  As I said in my comments before it is a mixture of the movies "pretty woman', as unlikely as well where the rich handsome man safes the prostitute, and 9,5 weeks where he seduces her into hot steamy sex without revealing anything of himself.

The taste of the book is like eating a MacDonalds hamburger with a supersize drink. I think both Ms. Steele with all her immaturity and Mr. Grey with his smouldering 'grey' eyes are simply not very interesting characters. I keep telling myself it is a fairytale: Belle and the Beast.

I will read on and perhaps I will find something of interest to me.

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