4 Jan 2013

The beauty of a dress.....

For some this is a very highly stylized picture. For me it is also very, very erotic. But why I wonder?

Sadly enough I can't remember who's design or who's photo it is, but it intrigues me. It has been on my pc for quite some time, now and than I look at it. The whole leather suit and I guess soft leather boots are so restraining and she has to do a lot of uncomfortable effort to free herself from the mask. This breaths and smells BDSM to me. 
She must be naked underneath which is very arousing. It looks rigid and hard to access for a Dominant on the front. For whatever order he will give her she has to give her full as the suit like a bondage restrains her. If she wants full air she needs to lift her head and the corset like bodice will constrain her. But also if she needs to serve Him with her mouth she needs to find a solution. Nevertheless her butt is fully accessible. He can use her in any way,  but also he needs to seek ways to have access to her or simply enjoy the fat that he can't and that is the same for her. He decides.

These restraints  remind me of the dresses late 19th century women had to wear. The corset so tight they could hardly breath and their movements restrained by the whole dress. These dresses were made to emphasize the elegance and where in this dresses the butt was emphasized by a bustle. Some of these bustles would be made of steel others by a little cushion. I guess not very nice to sit with? 
How the hips would sway with every step and also how that would make the butt move. I always think these must have been highly uncomfortable. The whole dressing up being very, very uncomfortable with layer upon layer. The waist and bust were given a 'perfect' shape by a very very tight corset which is now also a BDSM item, but was back than as well.
Etiquette required also of the women to hide their feelings and appear enjoyable. Which shouldn't be the case within BDSM... but there I stopped and wondered about my throughts. If I am suddenly asked to give a blowjob by a Dominant can I refuse? Yes, of course. But if it would be my Master? No, I am restrained by his wishes. I would also wear any uncomfortable item he chose. Would he choose the leather dress with the mask, I would be aroused already, simply by the look of it. I am as a submissive restrained. Even when I look at a picture like the one above.

Do I like to be dressed every day by a Dominant, to have a full dress prescription? I don't think I personally can handle that. But I can so imagine how some would love it.

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