17 Feb 2013

Let's start!

When I started blogging about a year ago I was feverish with writing poetry and stories. In between I would write some informative posts about BDSM in general. I decided to split the two of them and make a blog about BDSM in Second life which radiates into Real Life.

In Second Life I moderate discussions and mentor, something I  enjoy. I learn and experience a lot. Even though a virtual space most of the experiences do not feel virtual. I am dealing with real people with all there emotions and feelings. Knowing that is important to me and to them. 

It has made decide to make a BDSM blog here in which the knowledge I gain is shared. Where I will answer questions and see it as a way to discuss matters. I will write poetry and stories here and use the other blog purely as a knowledge based blog. I am looking forward to share with you knowledge and to learn with you along the way. We all have knowledge, experiences and ideas. Hereby the link to my blog: Is this BDSM?

So I wonder what you think of my idea?


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