6 Mar 2013


What about respect for the 'slut' in me or as a matter of fact of anyone else's slutty side? 

It is my true belief that women throughout the ages suffered deeply within the morals of religion on how to behave. The manmade morals made us confined in our bodies. It has made us conscious on how to behave it told us that we as women should be chaste, keep our virginity until married or bonded. It has caused us to mutulate our body to not feel any arousal as arousal makes women promiscues. Women can be confined within their own bodies. Within their relgious beliefs and of what society, family expects of them.

Within all these bounderies, I posess as well, I do not give myself easily, I will however let a lot of my boundereis go once I feel safe. If that feeling of safety is challenged is ridiculed I will protect myself and stop. Nevertheless what is slutty? There is variety in being slutty.

Slutty in dress

Slutty in behaviour

Slutty in teasing

Slutty in words

Slutty in exposure

But why would I like to be forced to 'present myself', Why would I like to be paraded around. Why would I like to be walked around on a leash. Why on earth would I like to be controlled. I wonder about that at times. And as I said my upbringing told me these things are degrading, bad, humiliation of women. Being promiscues is making yourself a whore or a slut. These are things pounded in my mind.

Where is the lady within me? I do not want to be paraded around in public streets. But would I want to be paraded around in BDSM clubs or gatherings? Yes, I would. Why, I have no other reason than that it arouses me. But what if the Dominant that posses me doesn't like it? Than it woudl give me no pleasure at all. I would get into conflict with a deep desire of me. Would that be a bad Dominant? No not at all, but he might not be the one for me. But it needs safety. Anything new needs safety, anything that challenges boundaries of good ladylike behavior will challenge me, makes me vulnerable.

But shouldn't be the aim of a submissive to please her Master? Shouldn't be pleasing Him her only goal? Yes, but with any relationship or friendship there are mutual values to share. And it is those mutual things that makes people fit. But even then it sometimes takes time to find out how. The time to let another part of my lady go into a vulnerable state to grow and make me stronger.

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