7 Mar 2013


There is a blog written by mouse and today I read this wonderful post on how things can work when  tension overflows.

when the levee breaks

Today is such a day. But I will have to solve it myself. Today is not my day. But there is always a tomorrow and another day. Nevertheless I have to be so mighty strong today. Today is a day to really, really look after myself. So I will, I have no choice.

But I do know how it works when you feel stuck with something and lost in it. How reluctant you might feel to do what is needed and when you do even feeling reluctant how it pushes you forward again. Out of it again. Now I can't spank myself (unfortunately).

But still that post made me smile, it made me realize I do not need to be jealous or sad that she has a Master understanding her, there is so much beauty in reading it. It made me relaxed. 

Thank you mouse.

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