30 Jun 2013

deep cleansing

I am sweeping the floor of my head
Dust my soul and see it sparkling 
in the sunlight through the window of my eyes

I clean my lungs and sprinkle it
with perfume until it smells fresh
I mop my mouth to purify the outcome

I brush my nose to let all scent in
of night and day, of grass and hay
a river through my legs tickling my toes

Oh to wash my hands to touch
To taste all there is to taste of sweet desire
with my tongue wiped clean

My skin scrubbed to erase all old
to one day feel the softness of the other
there on that spot one will define for me

And empty my ears of all the noise
to find quiet, silence so I can hear
really hear nothing until

I paint my brain in colours
and erase all black and white
To feel me, the bare essence of me

my polished feathers neatly in a row
so I can spread my wings
and fly

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