29 Jul 2013


He was sitting watching her while she was laying there sunbathing. Tracing her curves with his eyes. Bikini in place, fully enjoying what he saw. She seemed not to notice, but her eyes moved behind her closed eyes when she must have heard him moving his chair. 

His raspy dark voice suddenly broke the silence between them: "Open your legs!". She opened them but he wasn't satisfied yet: "Wider, Your puss fully in the sun!" When she pulled up both her feet she could lay there with her legs widely spread, the heat of the sun on the crotch of her bikini warming her, heating her. 

She felt his gaze on her, but knew she shouldn't open her eyes. So she laid still fully aware of him and  the lazy feel of sunbathing changed. When he looked down again he saw the red of her bikini darken with juice, a smile contentment on his face. He stood before her and lowered his pants, knelt and pushed the fabric of hers aside and simply used what belongs to him. 

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