25 Jul 2013

Underneath my clothes

It is hot, today it is announced we have a heatwave.

The best thing about a heatwave is that I feel perfectly fine without underwear. I have no sagging breasts. I love the cleavage and I love to walk the dog without it. The best thing is to wear a skirt to the knee and a tight T-shirt, because even though I do like the feel when I walk naked underneath my clothes I do not necessarily want to reveal it. It is my secret I want to enjoy. Exposure would go to far. 

Nowadays most of the bra's hide nipples. I love nipples, I love it when they are firmly visible underneath the fabric. Like the cleavage indicates a welcoming. I like hints to show of my sensuality. So I do like to expose, but not all the way. My attitude towards my breasts is totally different then towards pussy. There is far more ease with my breasts. But good grief I do not want to step out of the car showing off. Or the wind playing with my skirt.

But the sense that it might happen is of course double the fun......

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