31 Aug 2013


There is nothing much as wondrous 
as standing in the night
at the shore of a lake
the beauty of moonlight 
The wind is calmly sleeping
and water mirrors the moon

like I mirror you when I undress
en dip my toe in water
water still warm as the night is so cool
and I miss you when i step
into water, rippling surface
walking into the deep

I try to swim and
touch the moon
but the moon swims away
his reflection teasing me
Oh moon I beg you stay
Just float with me

Floating in the arms of water
wondering if you do 
too, like me floating
softly, no breeze
Lying here my eyes closed
vulnerable as can be

Floating on the surface 
Under a dark moonlight sky
My naked body vulnerable
But my mind is so sky high
Please float with me 
Do float with me......

29 Aug 2013

walking the dog

A conversation...

An afternoon, a couple is laying in the grass and she begins to tell of her morning walk with the dog. 

✖  "This morning as usually I went out with the dog, my usual walk. I felt like dressing up. So I am wearing a dress with sheer sleeves a nice cleavage and a little split at the back, which reveals just enough. The dress has a dark night blue colour with a print of roses in different tints, shattered all over the fabric. Underneath my dress a bra with matching lace undies and cute little red ribbons. I am full aware of them, they make me feel sensual.

moans softly

✖ "Bleu shoes with roses top, you know the ones. They make me about 6.2. I know it has effect."

✚ visualizes 

✖ "No make up at all, none what so ever. So while I walk elegantly - a slight sway of my hips - the dress hugs my curves. I see in the distance two men. I know them, one has a big dog and the other a small one. They always walk together and now and than I walk with them. These men always remind me of the oldies on the balcony in the Muppet Show. A bit grumpy but they make me laugh."


"But I know today I have a treat for them.  I notice they see me too. So they stop and pretend to call their dogs while I walk towards them. Hair in the wind, I do not walk slowly but with a steady pace. My long legs bare and the hem of my skirt just above my knee. But they haven't seen the back yet."

✚ mmmm....  my mind's eye watching you, too

They just stood there, looking... appearing to be busy with the dogs and talking to eachother and when I fnally reached them I smiled and said happily: Good Morning. They replied the same.

✚ lays a hand on the bulge in his pants 

"They stood in the middle of the path, blocking my walk. So I had to slow down slightly, when one of them with an unusual politeness said: Let me step back and make way for you. I gave Him a wide smile and he retreated to the side of the path. Now I know that part of the path is straight on to a bridge. So I walked passed them over that path towards the bridge, quite a long way. And when I turned right and glanced over. I saw them standing still looking."

smiles: I am too

"I felt walking towards that bridge, every step, every curve, every sway of my body. I felt the muscles of my calves and my long slender legs."

✚ "Amazing!...Do you know that my thoughts were solely focused on your calves."

✖ "And I felt how deeply they enjoyed every step, every curve, every sway of my body and how my legs moved forward to give them that morning pleasure. I know they saw that wonderful movement of my butt, and how they wished my dress would creep up a little further as I walked."


✖ "And while I continued walking.....I thought of You."

His hand slowly goes the them of her dress there where the split opens and slips in, touching the warm soft skin of her slender legs.


8 Aug 2013


Sometimes, my corset feels so tight
and my carcass empty,
that I would cut the strings
and eat and drink
all the love in the world.
As the air is filled with it.
My body would be luscious,
the love overflowing.
But it does already
in abundance.
Sometimes, I just want the strings
of my corset tight.
So I feel embraced
in times when
it is hard
to embrace myself.