31 Aug 2013


There is nothing much as wondrous 
as standing in the night
at the shore of a lake
the beauty of moonlight 
The wind is calmly sleeping
and water mirrors the moon

like I mirror you when I undress
en dip my toe in water
water still warm as the night is so cool
and I miss you when i step
into water, rippling surface
walking into the deep

I try to swim and
touch the moon
but the moon swims away
his reflection teasing me
Oh moon I beg you stay
Just float with me

Floating in the arms of water
wondering if you do 
too, like me floating
softly, no breeze
Lying here my eyes closed
vulnerable as can be

Floating on the surface 
Under a dark moonlight sky
My naked body vulnerable
But my mind is so sky high
Please float with me 
Do float with me......

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