22 Dec 2013


We make so many laws for ourselves thinking they are right.
I think so often I am right when I am so dead wrong.
But when I look deep inside of me I know it is just me trying to keep them up.
If I only listen to those who agree with me, I will not move forward.

So why do I write this?

I stumbled on something and it made me realize that at times I might feel so right that I do not feel the silliness of it all. 
So to keep reminding me that at times I have to step back, perhaps like a new year's resolution, here some utterly silly laws. They were probably made with the best interest at heart...... I hope.

For more info on this click weird sex laws in the USA

1 comment:

Lilian said...

I was counting my toys in my mind...and want to go to Schiphol to hang my undies op!
I just wish someone had sat down with these people to have a word, like you do with me ♥