22 Apr 2014


For Woody

There they are: these dangly bits of men. As a girl growing up watching the Olympics I would always wonder if it hurt running with them dangly bits... or squashed riding a bike. Far more fascinating was how a dangly bit would become smaller or how it would rise to the occasion. So just for fun..... the Penis!

In Finland there is a Phallological Museum, which has a large variety but is missing a member:

So Elmo might win?

This picture of the penis of Michelangelo's David must have been reassuring to all, or not. But I remember how small I thought it was. Does size matter and perhaps a larger penis would be thought far to arousing. However if you would make a row of a hundred naked man, it wouldn't be so extraordinary. Perhaps my mind is as much polluted by the vision of big penis. Looking at naked statues, paintings of men over the centuries naked size didn't matter. It just depicts a penis in a relaxed state, David is standing there not to impress Goliath sexually.

Does size matter?  I think it does. the many tombs at the cemetery of Pere Lachaise in Paris is one of a journalist named David Noir. The dead man is now mostly known for his large penis. Am I a crotch pervert? Yes! Do they make me smile? This suit does!

A penis seems to be more like an extra member to men. As they give them names and they are personalized as a 'at times stubborn or unruly' mate that tags along for the fun. Women in general do not name their personal petting device. However when I saw these pictures below I do somehow start to understand.

                                                                                                                                                                 A penis as a funny out of control member of society is also visible in how men deal with the times themselves with some good fun and humor. You can even do a Penis dress up! I wonder who might win this race? This is the start of the race... is it?

That the penis itself rules men, or as we have a saying in Holland, which is accurate in some ways that men only follow their penis and not their brain is depicted in this statue. 

Robert Mapplethorpe made a selfie of His penis. I like the shape of His.

I love them erect in any shape or form. What I love the best is getting to know that special part.. feel it... understand the needs.

And I love to play with it and most of all being ordered around to do so!


Lilian said...

what can i say..: I LIKE PENIS!

Melinda Nyn said...

What a fascinating amount of modern interpretation as we tend to only consider the classical. What can I add? Like men in general, some are infinitely more attractive than others..... ;)

ara said...

@ lilian... I am not suprised!

@ Mel.... and personal taste...mmm... taste....