28 Apr 2014

the secretary

When I read "the 50 shades of grey' I wasn't very impressed. But today I remembered how impressed I was when I saw the movie 'the secretary'. To me it was fun, intriguing and the ultimate love story. The actors have something to do with it as well of course. I have always thought James Spader the actor to play that hot sizzling under the skin kind of attractive man. Maggie Gyllenhaal is just superb in this movie as the Secretary, sultry, teasing and ever so convincing.

The story of this Mr. Grey and his secretary is interesting and for me very erotic and sensual. But the love story, how they got caught into each others web is lovely. And I like how BDSM is intertwined in the movie in a non offensive manner. I do not want to tell the story here so that if you haven't watched it, I will not be the spoiler of all.

Why do I like this movie so much, because it makes me long. To me it has this feel of this deep eroticism that comes for control, orders and pain. I love that the most. I love how he cares for her and I adore the fact how she eats a pea or does the office work restrained.

The way He saddles her on His office table, quietly and with care and how he talks to her. I love it.

The best thing is how she shows her commitment to Him at the end. By then You can drag me away. Yes... I surrender!

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