28 Jun 2014

Little one, pet, little girl, good girl....... Woman

Pet names are cute. It is fun how many pet names do roam around and how both submissives and/or Dominants refer to each other within D/s.

I really dislike when a Dominant, simply because he refers to himself as a Dominant uses pet names towards me. I do not like to be addressed with a pet name when the person is not really close to me. To me it feels disrespectful. And it also feels as disrespectful to my Master. I am a slave by nature, but that doesn't mean I will behave submissive to all and everyone.
It is not the first time when someone I do not submit to calls me this. Or when they ask me to do things. To me submitting is by choice. Ultimately I choose who I will submit too.

My Master calls me Woman. But that was him who started this, I was so surprised when he did. It is Us. I am called Woman and when used I am his slut or slave. I am his equal and his slave. That doesn't necessarily mean I am a little girl. Somehow to me being called a 'little one' is offensive. I have outgrown to be one.
Woman is the best pet name ever. It is not about formality, but about what fits him. To me it feels right for me. Although I was very surprised at first.

Why? Woman to me makes clear that I am also as responsible for me and for Him. I am responsible of taking care of myself, I need to take the responsibility of taking good care of my mind, my body, my being and those that surround me. He is my guide and inspirator. He owns me. But I am not a plant that needs watering. I need to water myself.

For a long time I struggled with this concept. If owned, should I not leave that all to him?

But no it is not, it is up to me to take care of myself and those close around me. I do want to be accountable for my own responsibilities. I am after all a sensible and sensitive adult. I want to thrive in all I do.
I am woman, he is my man and I am his by choice.

This is about little one, but it could be, kitten, slut, slave or whatever. It is a personal thing not a law.

I loved the feel of this personal message. You can in fact fill in any name.... or perhaps make your own. It takes time to open your self to the other, to simply start understanding the depth of it.

my little one

22 Jun 2014

I am

I am a meadow
the scent of flowers
in the afternoon sun
to smell

I am furniture
put your feet up
on a cushion
to rest

I am the horse you train
with whip and pain
you straddle me
to ride

I am the dog you walk
to sit and fetch
to order
to obey

I am a sunny day in the park
the cool white wine you drink
a bench to sit on
to calm

I am and no more is needed
I am enough, it is how
you inspire me, I can be
who I am

4 Jun 2014


cycling in the sun
wearing a blue skirt
flowy fabric
the wind
plays with it
as if Your hand
teases me
my long legs
even up
to a caress 
of my thighs
as such that I
need to pull it down 
time and time again