29 Oct 2014

Home-made Flogger

Lilian, a dear and lovely friend of mine started to make a flogger. A perfect home-made tool and easy to make. So hereby she shares how she made it.

For this one I used:

20cm of pvc pipe, the grey stronger type
5 old inner bicycle tubes, 
some glue and some tape

The innertubes I got for free at the bicycle shop, I cut out the valves, cut them in half and cooked them, to get rid of the chemical powders in it.

So...take 4 of the tubes, and cut a thin strip of the edges, lengthwise, so you won't have a rounded side. This way you have two wide strips and neat edges. don't cut all the way to the end, leave about.. 18cm of the end uncut, so it stays a tube.

I rolled up the closed end of 2 tubes, and pulled them all the way into the pcv pipe, adding a generous dollop of glue, then pulled the other two like stockings over the outside.

I cut off a smal ring of the 5th tube, and shoved it very tight (doubled) over the pipe to the beginning of the strands to keep them tight together, then put some tape on the bottom end of the pipe to close it.
The rest of the 5th tube I cut lengthwise into two long strips, and wrapped the handle with it, like the handle of a tennisracket.  Cut the strands to the desired length, mine are 42cm et voila :)

Thanks Lilian!

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