5 Nov 2014


I am a great fan of photography and in the 1980's when I wasn't really fully aware yet of what it was that I desired so deeply I saw a series of photo's called 'chess' by the Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf. He is also influenced by one of the other great photographers Robert Mapplethorpe.

The pictures of chess are a mesmerizing world that borders all that is within BDSM as a 'tableau vivant' of beauty. That beauty is not within the thought of being handsome or pretty, it is just the adoration of any person in my personal opinion: the courage of the models and the eye of the photographer. In the end they all are handsome and pretty.

I was thinking how conscious I can be of my own body at times and I am starting to wonder if I should. I have a good healthy body. And even though I am getting older I preserve well and saying exactly that, is judging… preserved well is making a value. Standing naked in front of a mirror is like weighing myself in my own judgement and I bet my judgement is much harder than anyone else's. My tendency is looking at what is 'wrong'. What BDSM has made me aware of most is that I do no longer judge bodies of others. I want to get to know people and when you do there is so much in beauty in it.

So my lesson… I should appreciate my body and who I am far more and when people tell my I am valuable or special or whatever, it comes from their heart. I really need to allow myself to let it sink within me and cherish those who appreciate me for who I am… the naked me.. mind, body and soul…. and what it represents for them. A person is a package, isn't it time I value myself as I value others?

For now do enjoy 'Chess' it is not about winning but the fun of playing

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