26 Nov 2014


I'm a lady in the streets and I'm a slut between the sheets

The biggest turn on a Dominant or a submissive can give me is to respect my slutty side. To feel and appreciate that I share that part of me. To open up ones 'sluttyness'. To freely tell the other or show the other sexual daring behaviour and sharing it, is a gift that should be cherished and cared for. Disrespect is not showing any appreciation but using it to degrade the other. 

I am most certainly not slutty in my day to day life. I am composed, well dressed and carry myself with dignity. The best thing about BDSM is that I can open up on that part. That I can let go, I can freely indulge myself in being a slut, painslut and truly research all the sides I have within the capable hands of a Dominant.

For me it is one of the most vulnerable things to do. Opening up and go beyond all that is seen as bad and terrible in being a woman. To be composed and well behaved is internalized deep within me. It is my upbringing. Will I be a slut in the streets? No, never. I can be slutty. I can engage in BDSM, but well never openly bother or concern those who have no idea of the world of  BDSM.

I need the stability, safety, trust, the freedom and care to be a slut. I expect from a Dominant that he makes sure I am safe. That I know he 
honours  and respects what I do. He has never demanded it from me. He simply knows I will offer myself to him. I can even surprise him by doing things he thought I was not ready for. He gives me the safety that all is alright, always. He gives me the safety to guide me gently. If I serve him in public he makes sure, very sure that all circumstances are safe. He will tease me, order me, but he has never ever let me down in his care about me. He watches over me. 

What amazes me most within the BDSM world is that I truly appreciate it when you dare to show yourself within your arousal, within your subspace, within that "naked" being you are. But also those who will praise you and care for you and thank you for your daring and open behaviour and who will not make fun of it. Those are the ones who are respectful!

So, for all those bloggers, who share there bodies, there thoughts, juicy thoughts, naughty thoughts.
For all those bloggers in the BDSM world, who are vulnerable in how they open up to others. Read it and feel a deep respect for what they share.

Thank you all, I learn a lot from your thoughts, pondering and practical information!


Anna said...

Being submissive means being "vulnerable" for exactly the reasons that you state here. We are vulnerable when we reveal our wants and our needs and our lusts and our desires. We are vulnerable in ways nobody else is. We lay it all out there, every drop of it. And you're damned RIGHT it should be cherished. Cherished and valued. It is a fundamental tenet of our lifestyle. Whoever does not understand that fundamental -- BASIC -- idea of our lifestyle is not really of our lifestyle. They practice something else. Cruelty or something, I dunno. Not this.

ara said...

Thanks Anna I can't agree with you more!

Beldom said...

Spot on, and what it is more it makes a Dominiat very proud of his sub, this way.