23 Nov 2014

Venus: Love, beauty, enticement, seduction, fertility and persuasive female charm

Master gave me a copy of this beautiful painting of Pieter Paul Rubens. It intrigues me and it makes me think about my self-image too.

Venus is the Goddess who stands for: Love, beauty, enticement, seduction, fertility and persuasive female charm. She stands for all I have neglected for a long.. long.. time. I never really noticed, understood the effect I had on others, or even that they might desire me. And when it was very clear I would shy away of it all, just no clue on how to deal with it.

But first when you google Venus she has all shapes and forms.. so any body shape.. any woman will find her own Venus that matches her shape. That is comforting. Are You a botticelli one or a Rubens Or a Venus the Milo all is fine. She stands for all women whatever shape, race or form. The best thing about Venus is that she is so often depicted naked. I like being naked.

There is a difference in being naked and being seductive or to see how others perceive me, for example. To me naked is not per se seductive. I think seduction is far more inviting in clothes. But BDSM and seduction and sexuality is a whole other ball game.

Perhaps the seductive side is going past all shame. Perhaps Venus is shameless. Shameless… what is being shameless…?

Shameless is having no reservation. You do not have to be shameless to all and everyone every hour of the day. But do feel shameless to those who deserve it. Being shameless doesn't come overnight, it needs time and trust. It needs having the self confidence to do so. It actually is looking through the eyes of the other who demands You to be shameless and seeing the beauty the other sees.

I think being vulnerable in being shameless and gaining strength as you do, is what beauty and love is. To me Venus is all that. Learning to see your own special beauty through the eyes of those that deserve it. So what can we learn from this picture?

Rubens married Helene Fourment when she was 16 and he was 53; an old man compared to her. The story is told that Rubens would only depict himself with a hat because he was already bald. She was young and considered very, very beautiful in her time. A wonderful curvy woman, who gave birth to 5 children in 10 years and still considered a beauty. Rubens used her as a model often, he must have been very proud of her and enjoyed her naked body. It is a kind of freedom that didn't happen very often with wives in art. She was his muse. 
But sometimes I think it must have been something for him too, to undress in front of her… She must have seen his beauty too. 

After 10 years he died, she was pregnant with his fifth child who was born after 8 month. No surprise she remarried successfully again with a Count.

It's her, isn't she beautiful as Venus…

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