31 Dec 2014

End of Semester examination paper

Pygar, the writer of the 'the kind Dom' made an exam. So if you wish, have fun with it. I wonder what grade I will have.

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Have fun!


BDSM 101

If you would like to have a go at this perhaps you might like to copy it into the comments section or onto your own blog. I would be very pleased to have responses emailed to me (at beaudejournee@yahoo.co.uk please.) I will try to reply to any that I receive (with assessment and grading of course!) 

Good luck

BDSM 101
End of Semester examination paper
Answer all questions

Time allowed: 90 minutes

Section A

1. RACK or SSC?
a) What do these acronyms mean? Explain in detail.
b) Why are they important?
c) What are the advantages and disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses of each?
d) Which do you adhere to? Justify your decision.

2. Trust is key to any BDSM relationship. Give an example from your own experience of where trust has broken down and describe the consequences.

3. Overheard at a munch. "In the end it is all about sex isn't it?" What do you think he meant? Was he right?

4. Sarah and James were in a close BDSM relationship for 5 years. Sarah suffered from bipolar disorder which was mostly controlled through medication. Before meeting James, Sarah used to self-harm, often through cutting herself. Whilst in the BDSM relationship with James she no longer felt a need to do this. Their BDSM play was somewhat extreme. It involved needle play, stress bondage positions and heavy beatings including use of a whip. Eventually the relationship broke down. Some months later Sarah went to a police station with her lawyer. She claimed she had been restrained, whipped and beaten by James and although she acquiesced at the time, that because of her mental condition she was unable to give informed consent. She showed photographs of scars on her back and breasts. How should the police respond?

Section B

1. Write a haiku about pain.

2. Complete this paragraph, "I am a submissive/switch/dominant (delete as appropriate) because ... The final paragraph should contain EXACTLY 100 words.

3. Write a short story or poem that illustrates the sensuality of submission.

a yummy new year

Thank You All for Reading and Commenting this Last Year!

I wish everyone:

More Love
More Rope
More Spankings
More Chocolates
More Fucking
More Masturbation
More Massages
More Hair Pulling
More Adventures
More Fun
More Neck Kisses
More Kissing 
More Hugging
More Pleasure
More Compliments
More Bites
More Close Encounters (and not of the third kind, unless that is just your erotic dream)

btw if anyone has anything to add to this list.. You have until 12 O'clock to comment!

I wish everyone the Best Year ever!

28 Dec 2014

the beauty of orgasme

It is almost New Year's Eve. I always think the rush of the noise of all the fireworks, the hugging, kissing is like an orgasmic finish of the last year and start of the next.

An orgasme is never the end. But there is always a next one. I love having orgasmes, it a pleasant addictive and selfmade wonderful drug. To me there is something pure in having an orgasme, it is like hitting base.

I like to see or hear someone orgasme. And I like to see their faces.

There is a project called 'Beautiful Agony'. The project started in 2003 and it only shows the faces of people while they are having an orgasme. They do upload the footage themselves. So it is the natural face of an orgasme.  klik the link below.

Beautiful Agony

12 Dec 2014

Killer Heels

I love them, I prefer red or black, or coloured, flowers will do as well. I love bright red killer shoes. Like I do love 'fuck me red' toe nails in peep toe shoes.

Shoes………. it is worth the pain…

 … it is the worth the effort…

…..the worth of making me feel powerful….

… That feeling how you sway your hips as You walk…

 …..the pure sensuality….

…..That wonderful femininity…

So it is proven now!
thanks to Master who gave me the article…. Just touch the link below

Proved by science!

And if You really want to spoil me…….
I would love a pair of…….



4 Dec 2014

shape, form and feelings

Many women suffer from their body image. Most women are unhappy about some or many parts or the whole body. The sad thing is they suffer from being themselves…. Do they?

I have never dared to admit that I struggle with the image of my body, I always tell everyone I am fine with it. Yes, I do not mind to walk naked in front of others, I put on a brave face and look into the world as if I am proud of how I look? But have I ever accepted my sensuality? Have I ever accepted my sexuality? Have I ever really looked at myself and think that what some say negatively to me might not be fair? And those who say they think I am beautiful, attractive and/or sensual actually seeing and enjoying?

When I was young and actually slim…for some perhaps skinny a fellow worker who liked curvy women told me I looked like a 'boned-cunt'. I laughed and walked away, but it didn't leave my mind. We do get an enormous amount of negative remarks thrown at us as women year after year. And not only by men but also women can judge one another with great venom. We come in so many forms and shapes and we have been given so many images in the media on what 'perfect' might be.

Women are constantly judged on how they look and somehow it has internalized so much that we are constantly judging ourselves negatively. We have been shaped not by our own image, but by the images that are constantly telling us what the ideal image is. I know and it is fair that I need to break down the image I have of me. I want to be happy, sexy and loving towards my own body.

So being slim and tall, having long legs didn't make me feel good and now that I have gained some weight I still think it is not good enough. So I have been n a crusade to feel happy, to enjoy myself! And I have been on a crusade to look at others and not judging but looking at them and see the beauty. Or what I have done and which is even worse, I looked at others thinking they were far better, prettier, more intelligent, better dressed… whatever and by that making myself very, very wrong! I am still on this crusade that everyone is in essence ok. Criticizing unfairly is not helping at all. There is however a good thing in getting older, I get more anymore in peace with my body image.  I start to love me more and more. What you see is what you get? And what I see is what I get.

Is love seeing beauty or adoring imperfections…. No love is enjoying the whole package that you are. Here is project I really like… enjoy! Do click the link below.

I am what's underneath