28 Dec 2014

the beauty of orgasme

It is almost New Year's Eve. I always think the rush of the noise of all the fireworks, the hugging, kissing is like an orgasmic finish of the last year and start of the next.

An orgasme is never the end. But there is always a next one. I love having orgasmes, it a pleasant addictive and selfmade wonderful drug. To me there is something pure in having an orgasme, it is like hitting base.

I like to see or hear someone orgasme. And I like to see their faces.

There is a project called 'Beautiful Agony'. The project started in 2003 and it only shows the faces of people while they are having an orgasme. They do upload the footage themselves. So it is the natural face of an orgasme.  klik the link below.

Beautiful Agony


worldwide pedalo said...

I agree 100% with what you write : the head says much more than anything else and is the contentrated summary of the whole body shortcircuit ! For more details the site is "http://www.beautifulagony.com"

In the same style, you have also one which is focused over orgasms : "http://nl.ifeelmyself.com" That one shows the whole body view but is less academic. Unfortunately it does not balance with male orgasms....

ara said...

I agree with You, I rather prefer to see both and actually. Although it is beautiful to see the women orgasme.

Thank You so much

His slut said...

I love orgasms. Especially since finding Master, who has unlocked my sexual self. The more I have, the happier I be.

Great post!