14 Feb 2015

50 shades of grey, the movie

Last night I found myself in the movie theater with a good friend to watch the movie '50 shades of grey'. Although I had some expectation I would have a good time, most and for all because of the company I was in, I wasn't expecting I would enjoy the movie as much as I did.

I know I have been brutally negative about the book in a few posts I made for this blog. After reading the first book I had no intention to read the other 2 books of the trilogy. However after watching the movie I will at least give the second movie a chance. Why?

The movie starts of like the book where Anastasia Steel fills in for her roommate to conduct an interview with the young wealthy entrepreneur Christian Grey, and like Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice when she arrives at his Mansion c.q. office building, she looks up at the high rise and is impressed. Arriving at his office she is welcomed by a number of tall blond girls, dressed in grey tight fitting suits and high heels. I was expecting James Bond peeking up around the corner, gun ready to save Miss Steele from the sadistic nature of the evil '50 grades of fucked up' Mister Grey. It didn't happen, but to me and my companion's joy we could hardly stop laughing and to our astonishment, our laughter must have been contagious, a roar of laughter started to fill the theater.

It wasn't the only time we laughed, it turns out the movie is more of a comedy for all the wrong reasons. It shows the absurdity of the book even more clearly. The dialogues already ridiculous in the book can't be made into something more substantial. The best thing is that the inner voice of Miss Steele is left out. I have to say that Dakota Johnson is playing her part and makes at a least Miss Steel into a somewhat plausible character. However Jamie Dornan is not very convincing as Mister Grey. He is an attractive man, looking like a very well trained jock with all the bits and pieces at the right place, although I haven't seen all bits and pieces. To see him as the stern austere character is a bit more problematic, he just is a nice guy.

The scenes were artfully filmed soft-porn, the sex-scenes weren't that much different to most scenes in movies. They were ok I was happy that the end, actually meant to be the cliffhanger for part 2, made the audience roar with laughter once again. Honestly there needn't be a parody made, the movie is simply hilarious!


Lilian said...

what she says...! (still giggling)

ara said...

hey lady,, you said it.. ;-)