23 Feb 2015


For years I would look in the mirror
Did I see myself? Did I really look?
Did I ever enjoy what I saw?
Now that I am older, I have finally opened my eyes.

For years I looked in the mirror.
And saw what I thought I was, how I was.
I never realized I was not really looking.
Now that I am older, I opened my eyes.

I looked in the mirror and saw myself.
Wearing a pencil dress, showing my curves.
I realized and enjoyed every curve.
Trailing my hips with my hands, my waist.

Over 50, feeling so darn attractive.
Catching my breath as I do, tracing my curves.
I never understood what my father saw
looking at my Mum, now I do


Belle said...

Beter laat dan nooit zeggen ze toch je bent echt een laatbloeier :)
groetjes Belle
toch altijd een feest om je te zien opbloeien

ara said...

Dank je Belle, dikke knuffel!

Beldom said...

What nice curves indeed, beautifull slut :)