20 Mar 2015

10 facts about female beauty

Beauty is in your mind, self-image and self-worth

1. Everyone has rolls when they bend over.

2. When someone tells you that you're beautiful, believe them. They aren't lying.

3. We all wake up, looking as if we just woke up.

4. For every woman unhappy with her stretch marks is another woman who wishes she had them.

5. You should DEFINITELY have more confidence. And if you saw yourself the way that others see you, you would.

6. Don't look for a man to save you. Be able to save yourself.

7. It's okay to not love every part of your body…but you should.

8. We all have that one friend who seems to have it all together. That woman with the seemingly 
perfect life. Well, you might be that woman to someone else.

9. You should be a priority. Not an option, a last resort, or a backup plan.

10. Photoshopped pictures of women are no role-models. 


worldwide pedalo said...

I like this summary of what we, men, keep repeating everyday ! Do I need anymore to repeat it forever again from now ?

ara said...

You will have to repeat forever. Compliments are always lovely…

sub hub in phx said...

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman that feels beautiful, no matter what she looks like. It's probably why I'd rather make love to Helen Mirren than Megan Fox

ara said...

Helen Mirren, such a wonderful and beautiful woman! I so agree with You.