26 Mar 2015


The museum white walls
clean elaborate work
we, girls, enjoyed the visit
on the top floor 
a distinguished older man,
passed by and she saw
his shoe, the shoelace
dragging over the floor
we had a flirt
a good one, welcoming one
I kneeled to tie it up
it is my secret pleasure
how a shoe is laced up
establishing tightness
it is pure eroticism
he had no idea
how much pleasure that
gave me… and us
nor do I know how much
pleasure we gave him
we all walked away
we, girls, chuffed
like naughty little girls


tori said...

How have i not come across your blog before, found it now through your comment on Fiona's blog.

Just read the writing about clothes pegs on the bdsm section, and loved it, very much.

This, the shoelace, very expressive, nothing wrong with your English expressions at all.

ara said...

Wow, beaming here, thanks tori!

Lilian said...

I saw the wonder in his eyes..
his gentle smile mirroring ours..
he felt.. something,
and took the pose of a man being gifted his due in wonder..
Him you and me, the trinity
the three of us between the other statues...
for a short moment we were the art...

ara said...

I agree Lilian and so much truth in Your words.
Btw, your writing is lovely and so are you….

Marquis Verlaine said...

Are you sure he wasn't the missing forth man in pink?

ara said...

I am not quite certain…… but … was he wearing glasses?

Marquis Verlaine said...

Ah.. that must have been what they were looking for.. the missing glasses..

Beldom said...

would be nice to have someone to tie my shoelaces ;)